Hotel Garni Rosengarten

About our Hotel

The HISTORY of our house

The "Rosengarten" (meaning rose garden) has been the property of the Kaufmann family for over 150 years and used to be one of the various individual breweries in Tuttlingen - known for its export beer "Rosengarten Export".

In 1967 the brewery with its attached restaurant became the Hotel Garni Rosengarten. The ground floor is still home to a self-run excellent restaurant. 

The hotel was thoroughly renovated in 2008. Nowadays the Garni Hotel Rosengarten isrun by Mrs. Kiriakoula Kakagianni and her family.

The hotel is located in the center of Tuttlingen bordering the pedestrian precinct. The town hall, the market place, the cinema and the thermal springs - i.e. all local and cultural amenities - are in walking distance. 

Enjoy your stay in the pleasant ambience in our well-tended hotel which is sure to meet with the modern requirements of international guests. We speak German, English and Greek.